Prepping for “The Unfolded Brain” Workshop at FITC Amsterdam

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Prepping for “The Unfolded Brain” Workshop at FITC Amsterdam

This week marks the first full week ever where I am able to fully focus all of my energy on doing what I love the most: being a Creativity Evangelist. Since my epiphany in 2010 upon completing my book, I have been taking steps to focus solely on my goal of helping people with their creative process. At first small, the steps have gotten bigger and bigger, as with every presentation and article, I have moved farther and farther away in content from front-end web development topics towards those around creativity.

And now, all of those steps have brought me to where I stand today: developing a full-day workshop entitled “The Unfolded Brain: Skyrocketing Your Creative Productivity” for FITC Amsterdam, which I will be conducting on Sunday, 17 February 2013.

I’m thrilled. I’m excited. And I’m currently happier than a pig in poop, because I have ridiculously cool tools to work with to manage my thoughts, workshop flow, concepts, exercises, and take home practices like the brand-spanking-new Post-it Big Pads and a bewildering preponderance of new Post-it Super Sticky notes that have the adhesive on the whole backside of the note. Even my cat thinks these groovy new Post-it products are cool!

The tools are great because they facilitate a process that is already going on in your head. So, these cool Big Pads are helping along the process of capturing and organizing all of the ideas and content that I have been working with over the course of the past 2 years and combining them in a coherent manner. In fact, this workshop will see a culmination of all of the content on creativity that I have been sharing all over the world into a process that helps people access, manage, leverage and express creativity and improve creative productivity.

So, I have until the end of the week to nail down all of the content (fortunately, I already have more content than time to teach it), make final decisions on the exercises, and get the flow of the workshop down so that there is a nice progression between concepts. I have my work cut out for me, and I am going to love every single minute of it.

Full disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Post-it Brand Big Pads.


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