Out with CSS, in with Creativity

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Out with CSS, in with Creativity

This is a very exciting week for me: last night, I submitted the last of a four article series entitled “CSS Architectures” that I have been writing for the Microsoft Script Junkie site. While the writing of the articles could be seen as exciting in and of itself, the truly exciting thing is that these are the last articles I will write about CSS ever. Yes, ever.

The term “swan song” came about from the ancient belief that swans, who do not make musical sounds during their lifetime, sing a beautiful song at the moment right before death. In common usage, a swan song is a final gesture given before retirement. I lovingly think of these articles as my CSS swan song: my final contribution to the world of front-end web design and development as that part of my professional life fades into the background and my work with the creativity process steps fully into the forefront.

This morning, I woke up smiling, as I thought of all of the work that I have been planning to do around my creativity content and the fact that I am now free to put all of my focus and attention on developing workshops for clients, more articles, writing books, launching websites, and organizing events.

So, HTML and CSS, thank you for everything that you have done in my life: for moving me into an industry with amazing minds, unfettered creativity, rampant innovation, and unlimited potential. Thank you for being the subject of my first book. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love traveling the world to speak, teaching and sharing concepts and ideas. Thank you for all of the friends you have made me. And thank you for creating a situation where I could finally tune into what my true life’s work is.

The first article came out last week: “CSS Architectures, Part 1: Principles of Code Cleanup and the New Best Practices” on Script Junkie, so check it out. There will be three more articles after that, and then, as they say “that’s all she wrote!” (at least about CSS, that is.)


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