CSS3: Ripe and Responsive at ConvergeSE

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I’m in love. Seriously! I’m in love with the ConvergeSE Conference that just happened in Columbia, SC last weekend. Why? It was a GREAT conference! There were fantastic presentations from Trent Walton, Chris Coyier, Christian Heilmann, and Ethan Marcotte on the nitty-gritty of CSS3 typography, CSS3 Selectors, HTML5 and Responsive Design, respectively. Leslie Jensen-Inman rocked the house with her presentation on “Make Awesomeness. Do Good”, bringing normally stoic right-brainers to tears. Carl Smith gave a great workshop on Finding Better Clients. And these were just the presentations that I was able to see. I’m sure the ones that I missed were equally as informative and enjoyable!

There was also my workshop, “CSS3: Ripe and Ready to Respond“, which was fantastically received, much to my delight. Take a peek at the slides to get a nice introduction to both responsive design and CSS3, if you’re so inclined.

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