Nominated for .Net Magazine’s 2010 Standards Champion!

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Oh my goodness! I just found out that I was nominated for “Standards Champion” by the .net magazine 2010 Best of the Web Awards. What an honor!

I have the honor of being grouped with the wonderful people below, almost all of whom have inspired me and my work in some way during my career in the industry. How thrilling!

So, here it is, category #12: STANDARDS CHAMPION
This will be awarded to an individual promoting accessible design in 2010. If you’ve been inspired by accessibility this year, use your vote.
aaron gustafson
andy clarke
bruce lawson
denise jacobs – me!
derek featherstone
ethan marcotte
jeffrey zeldman
jeremy keith
laura thomson
leah culver
molly holzschlag
nicole sullivan
remy sharp
tantek celik
tim van damme

Update: 11/2010 – The award was (very rightfully) given to Jeffrey Zeldman, the patron saint and chief promoter of web standards. Since he was a shoo-in for the award, congratulations are not necessarily needed, but Jeffrey, congrats nonetheless!

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