Workshop Length: Half-Day

Don’t you wish that you could easily bust through blocks to tap into creative inspiration at will? This workshop is designed to do just that!

First we’ll tackle the dastardly Inner Critic, the unconscious deterrent that stands between the seeds of your great ideas and the fruits of achievement, that keeps you stuck by telling you you’re just faking it, that others have more talent, and that you’ll never achieve the success you seek. We’ll discover not only how to anatomize this pernicious inner force, but we’ll also learn techniques to banish this critic so that you can have the mental space and energy to begin to let your true talents emerge.

Next, we’ll begin to wrap our hands around the ever-elusive and fleeting creative inspiration, to start to construct a more reliable method to evoke and tap into creative inspiration at will to spur the process of ideation and production. We’ll explore the concepts around the sources of inspiration, as well as some unconventional ways to eliminate blocks, access your creative spark, and encourage ideas to flow. Through the course of the workshop, you’ll gain tools that will help to free your mental energy, facilitate your ideas coming through, and let your true talents shine.

Attendees will learn:

  • Methods for overcoming self doubt and cultivating a sense of creative self-trust
  • How to tap into creative inspiration at will
  • Multiple unconventional methods to access creative inspiration
  • Daily practices for encouraging creativity to flow
  • Techniques to get the brain into its most natural creative state
  • Ways to access the fun and playful side of creativity

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