Workshop Length: Full Day

Do you have great ideas, but don’t know how to articulate and “sell” them? Do you aspire to be a speaker, but lack the confidence to put yourself out there? Whether you are casually speaking to your team, sharing an idea with the CEO in the elevator, pitching to a prospective client, or addressing an audience of a hundred people or more, speaking with confidence and communicating with impact are the skills you need.

This engaging, experiential workshop focuses on sharpening presentation skills so you can become an adept communicator. Incidentally, the most effective communicators are so because they also listen well, are inquisitive, and ask insightful questions. You’ll will learn to not only to speak with impact, but will also learn to push others to new ways of thinking. You will also learn to better understand what your audience (of one or many) needs so you can best articulate your point and make your message stick. And finally, by recognizing, owning and expressing your passionate expertise, you’ll discover how to shift public speaking from something to be dreaded into an enjoyable experience.

Attendees will learn to:

Amplify their Voice

  • Communicate ideas, meaning, and message clearly and efficiently
  • Present opinions in a structured way
  • Share their unique and original ideas

Amplify their Confidence

  • Identify how the Inner Critic sabotages a person’s speaking ability
  • Decrease insecurity and increase confidence
  • Own your knowledge and experience

Amplify their Expertise

  • Build an important business skill
  • Expand visibility and reach
  • Spark professional growth

Topics include:

  • Tips for banishing your Inner Critic to manage the fears that trip you up and hold you back
  • How to distill your communication into the essential messages
  • Connecting with the audience through storytelling
  • Matching body language and voice tonality to your message and audience
  • Active listening
  • Preparing for and dealing with the unexpected moments with ease
  • Tips for making slideshows that don’t suck

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