Workshop Length: Half-Day or Full Day

Collaboration requires more than simply putting a bunch of smart people together in one room. Truly successful collaboration comes from the creative chemistry of a group and the blending of everyone’s ideas and concepts to create the desired outcome. In order to generate the most innovative contributions, team members need to bring not only their good ideas, but also the right mindframe to the table.

In this workshop, by using the tenets of Unblock, Connect, Combine, Play, and Construct, participants will learn methods for recognizing and removing our personal creative blocks, developing strong communication skills to articulate and share ideas, as well as listening to and amplifying the ideas of others. The group will move on to become adaptable and responsive to the suggestions of others, combining ideas using play, and learning effective techniques for tapping into a group’s creative brilliance to reach higher levels of collective creative output and performance. Through the process taking a real-world problem and running through a series of creativity and innovation exercises to develop and execute upon an action-plan, the team will learn and actively apply best practices in creative collaboration for optimum team productivity and output. When these practices are incorporated into a company’s culture, it creates an environment where team members can more easily collaborate to produce and apply innovations in a meaningful and permanent way for themselves, their team, and their entire organization.

Attendees will learn:

  • Methods for getting creatively unstuck by managing the Inner Critic and minimizing self-criticism
  • Techniques for stimulating the flow of ideas
  • Techniques to better structure and manage communication within a team
  • Methods for getting your team of talented members to work better together
  • Tools become an active listener and effective communicator
  • Ways to reframe and learn from failure
  • How to encourage and leverage the aggregate genius of a team
  • Collective ownership
  • A process for approaching creative problem-solving with a playful, fun attitude

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