Workshop Length: Full Day

People who contribute powerfully to their work and their communities do so because they possess confidence in their skills and a strong sense of self. As a result, they encourage the creative genius of others and collaborate to develop stronger ideas to execute upon. Doing our best work, achieving excellence in our careers, and bringing the best out of others all starts with owning, recognizing, and expressing our own brilliance. This enables us do two things: to step into our power and become leaders who empower others to do great work, and to boost of the performance of a team by creating an environment where people feel safe taking risks and sharing their ideas.

In this workshop, attendees will learn how to recognize, own, and express their strengths and expertise. They will further learn to powerfully communicate their ideas as well as become adept listeners to best encourage collaboration and facilitate team dynamics. Finally, attendees will learn methods for cultivating the ability to think on their feet, to deal effectively with and move on from failure, and how to transform mistakes into opportunity. This will result in new skills and behaviors that will be utilized in the workplace for effective leadership, helping participants achieve excellence and contribute meaningfully to the world.

Attendee takeaways:

  • How to fully own and effectively share expertise
  • Tools to become an effective communicator, who can present information with confidence and “sell” their ideas
  • Methods to bring out the creative genius of team members
  • Ways to encourage creative collaboration and team buy-in
  • Fun approaches to taking risks and reframing failure

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