Workshop Length: Full Day

Does any of this sound familiar?
You’re paralyzed by mental blocks as deadlines approach.
You doubt, discount, and kill your ideas before they see the light of day.
You’re so afraid of being judged that you hold yourself back and don’t share your expertise.
You question your ability to learn ideas and technologies quickly.
My friend, you, your creativity, and the great work you’re capable of doing are suffering from an over-active Inner Critic. Luckily, we can learn how to silence the Inner Critic and begin achieving our personal best.

In this workshop, you’ll learn techniques to silence your Inner Critic, overcome self-doubt, and stop committing “ideacide.” You’ll also learn how to get over the fear of judgment and feeling overwhelmed, as well how to become self-referential and trust your ideas and process. Finally, you’ll learn processes for acquiring and applying new information quickly, methods to generate ideas alone and with others, as well as how to embrace your uniqueness and use it as an advantage in your career. Through discovering how to create the mental space and energy to begin to let our true talents emerge, we can get to a place where we are not only unstuck, but where we are finally able to start doing our best work.

Attendee takeaways:

  • The 3 power practices that will transform how you relate to yourself and your creativity forever
  • How to transform self talk from negative to positive and use it as a tool for success
  • Techniques to get back in touch with your unique skills and talents
  • How to generate more ideas than ever before
  • A powerful practice for rapidly building mastery
  • How to move from debilitating and immobilizing comparison into action
  • Ways to work smarter (not harder), and how to learn from critiques and setbacks

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