These days, professionals in all industries need to exercise a high level of creative thinking and generation of innovative ideas, not just to help themselves advance in our careers, but to help their companies produce great products and services. The problem is that everyday occurrences such as looming deadlines, demanding clients, and uninspiring projects can tamp down one’s creative fire, making it tough to come up with fresh ideas precisely when needed most, eventually leading people to lose enthusiasm for the work they do.

What is needed is A Creative Dose™: a booster shot of new techniques and ways to approach removing blocks to creativity, creative inspiration and thinking, idea generation and execution, and sustaining productivity.

Denise’s workshops do just that: through exploring new concepts, techniques and practices, participants are better able to:

  • Identify and eliminate the mental blocks that block creativity
  • Tap into creative inspiration at will
  • Generate more ideas than you thought possible
  • Understand and leverage idea generating and capturing styles of yourself and others
  • Improve and expand creative collaboration
  • Become an adept listener and amplify expertise through becoming stronger communicator
  • Replace work habits that prevent productivity with those that encourage it
  • Generate or recapture the feeling of being engaged with and rewarded by work

In all of the workshops, concepts are reinforced with in-class individual, pair, and group exercises, at-home practices, post-course assignments, and resources for further learning.

Current Workshops

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What past attendees have said

“Denise is a enthusiastic, well-organised speaker who, during the workshop, reaches inside your brain, takes out the dull and non-creative parts, lets you examine and question them, sprinkles it with ‘magic’ in the form of original and easy to follow exercises that spark creativity and diminish destructivity. She then places it back in your cranium. Her enthusiasm is very contagious you want to go out and put her ‘magic’ into practice.

This is what she does best, by the way – this ‘magic’ is her trademark. This ‘magic’ is a deep understanding of how the human brain works, how to provoke creativity, fight destructivity and fear, spark innovation and teach you how to make your brain work the way it is intended. This ‘magic’ is her self-made framework that led her to speak at TEDxRheinMain in Germany in 2013. Her workshop was packed with ready to use practical advice, fun facts, research, hands-on experience and concrete tips to hack your own brain. I left it feeling invigorated!

I highly recommend Denise without any reservation to enrich your company with her knowledge, whether it in the form of workshops or inspirational talks.”

Sidney de Koning, CEO, Mannetje de Koning

“Insightful, refreshing, inspiring!”

“Was an excellent workshop with a lot of ideas and tools.”

“Thank you so much! I’ve known about bits and pieces, but this version was really awesome.

Upcoming Workshops

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Past Workshops






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