These days, professionals in all industries need to exercise a high level of creative thinking and generation of innovative ideas, not just to help ourselves advance in our careers, but to help our companies produce great products and services. The problem is that everyday occurrences such as looming deadlines, demanding clients, and uninspiring projects can tamp down our creative fire, making it tough to come up with fresh ideas precisely when we need them most, eventually leading us to lose enthusiasm for the work we do.

What is needed is A Creative Dose™: a booster shot of new techniques and ways to approach creative inspiration and thinking, idea generation and execution, and sustaining creative productivity.


Denise’s workshops do just that: through exploring new concepts, techniques and practices, participants are better able to:

  • identify and eliminate the mental blocks that block creativity
  • tap into creative inspiration at will
  • tap into the flow of new ideas
  • replace work habits that prevent productivity with those that encourage it
  • understand and leverage idea generating and capturing styles
  • know when it’s best to work solo or in groups when generating and developing ideas, and
  • generate or recapture the feeling of being engaged with and rewarded by work

Current Workshops

What past attendees have said

“It has been a revelation! The chemistry of the creative mind explained by the science of psychology and neurology, combined with the behavior toolbox that Denise Jacobs presented at Paris-Web 2011 has given me the power to understand and imagine some bright new capabilities of developing myself as a professional, unafraid and confident designer, living an every day breaking my inner-self boundaries experience. She also mixes in the Chinese techniques of martial art.
It’s a great cocktail for a great life you gave me, thanks Denise!”

6DGT | Stéphane Lebauvy – Studio graphique +

“Your wonderful session at SxSW was informative and transformative. I am already becoming more aware of the real reasons I may be having creative blocks and taking your advice, especially concerning alpha wave unlocking activities. Thank you!”

Jeffrey Berg

“I’m on ‘wow’ over here. Absolutely love your thinking on psych & practice of creativity. I shall adopt it all.”

Chris Jones, @sourcePOV

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Upcoming Workshops

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Past Workshops

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