Denise loves speaking and training, and it shows – not just in her energy, passion, and enthusiasm, but how her audiences respond!

Here’s what they’re are saying:

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Honest, hilarious talk from @denisejacobs about fear, how it affects the creative process, and how to banish the inner critic. #dcc15
Jeff Eaton |‏ @eaton

Best speaker I’ve ever heard – @denisejacobs on Banishing your Inner Critic. So engaging and reassuring! #INBOUND15 Strike a power pose!”
Jane Serra‏ | @JSerraMktg

Nailed it again today @denisejacobs. Thank you for another engaging and mind-blowing talk. #uxlx #creatingbettertogether
Adam Bruzon‏ | @adambruzon

Denise’s workshop, “Get Unblocked” was a huge success; many participants came up to me to say what a wonderful, energizing, inspiring experience they’ve had. Sounds of laughter came out of the room frequently, and even some of the event staff asked to participate (instead of going home!), and attendees rated the workshop 4.4 of 5 – one of the highest ratings workshops received in our conferences.
Barak Danin | Organizer, UX Israel Studio

Banish your inner critic. @denisejacobs gives me the happies. #designcontentconf #dcc15 #banishyourinnercritic
Kate Kiely‏ | @katiestar

~@denisejacobs’ talk on creativity is my new favourite. Conference organisers should hire her.”
Andy Clarke | 🇦🇺‏ @Malarkey

If you’re a creative, and struggle with your inner critic, @denisejacobs will move you. #banishthecritic #INBOUND15
Chad White‏ | @thechaddesigner

Day 3 of #INBOUND15. @denisejacobs is giving me LIFE right now! #banishyourcritic
Jess Gonzalez‏ | @HeyJessGonzalez

@denisejacobs Thanks Denise for a habit-hacking, brain-altering, distraction-kicking delight of a talk 🙂 #wd15 @webdirections
Ste_4n‏ | @Ste_4N

I can’t wait to re-watch @denisejacobs’ talk multiple times and it’s not even over yet. #wd15 #hackcreativity
Jai Mitchell |🤘🏻‏ @Ganticdotco

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