Denise loves speaking and training, and it shows – not just in her energy, passion, and enthusiasm, but how her audiences respond!

Here’s what they’re are saying:

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Awesome awesome awesome session by @denisejacobs! Calling it as the best one of #INBOUND15 right now.
Amber Leick‏ | @amberrleick

This talk by @denisejacobs on how to #BanishYourCritic at #MinneWebCon is just what I need. That inner voice can be just vicious.
Marc Drummond | @MarcDrummond

@denisejacobs Someone was cutting onions during your talk…it was like you were talking to me personally. So inspired to #rawktheweb! 💪 ♀
Dani | @dtrapezoid

I have to say, @denisejacobs is absolutely kicking this morning’s ass. I feel 100% better 30 minutes into her talk. #FOWD
Ian Murphy | @IanoftheFuture

Best closing keynote ever! @denisejacobs #uxpa2013
Kejun Xu | @KejunXu

“YES. @denisejacobs’s talk is speaking to me! #wd15 #impostersyndrome
Kylie Timpani | @kylietimpani

The amazing @denisejacobs is killing the room today. Dropping knowledge, jokes, awesomeness. #passionprojects
Sara | @cyranoh_

Found a great new creative muse in @denisejacobs She rocked her talk and my world. Be an agent of positive change!
Carol Smith | @carologic

Jeesh, don’t know whether to jump up, fist pump, whoop or run up & hug @denisejacobs right now!! #uxweek #love #creativityrevolution
Alice Howard-Vyse | @alicehv

Really loving how @denisejacobs is incorporating scenes and examples from the conference into her speech! #STC15
Faith Cotter | @FaiththeWriter

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