Denise loves speaking and training, and it shows – not just in her energy, passion, and enthusiasm, but how her audiences respond!

Here’s what they’re are saying:

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Thank you for the inspiration @denisejacobs, feel like I had a therapy session and you were speaking just to me! #agile2017
Amy Melser‏ | @amypmp20

It has been a revelation! The chemistry of the creative mind explained by the science of psychology and neurology, combined with the behavior toolbox that Denise Jacobs presented at Paris-Web 2011 has given me the power to understand and imagine some bright new capabilities of developing myself as a professional, unafraid and confident designer, living an everyday breaking my inner self-boundaries experience. It’s a great cocktail for a great life you gave me, thanks Denise!
Stéphane Lebauvy | 6DGT

Your wonderful session at SxSW was informative and transformative. I am already becoming more aware of the real reasons I may be having creative blocks and taking your advice, especially concerning alpha wave unlocking activities. Thank you!
Jeffrey Berg | UX Designer

Denise, I would just like to thank you for being part of our Innovation is Now event in Milan. Your speech was really inspiring for the whole organization.
Alberto Calcagno | CEO, FastWeb.It

Your closing keynote at UXPA was a powerhouse of a keynote! It has been a few years and it still stands out as fun, super energetic, and wise!
Chris Hass | @chrishass

#stc15 @denisejacobs Denise Jacobs rocking the closing keynote. Reminding us of our creativity, an aspect of our humanity.
Rahel Anne Bailie‏ | @rahelab

Yours is still one of my all-time favorite keynotes. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom in accessible and memorable ways. 🙂
Susan Dray | @susandra

*Loved* the closing session @denisejacobs – cannot thank you enough for joining us this year! #stc15
Chris Hester‏ | President of STC, 2015

#INBOUND15 @denisejacobs talk on #creativethinking & banishing inner critic was fantastic. Highly engaging speaker who inspired motivation.
Jason Doring |‏ @IMCJasonD

So impressed with how @denisejacobs incorporates other #dpm2015 sessions! I’m certain she’ll wrap with a slide that’s an image of her on stage now.
Joe Crespo | @jscrespo

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