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Denise Jacob’s keynotes, presentations, and workshops give A Creative Dose™: a booster shot of inspiration and injection of fresh ways to approach creativity and bust through creative blocks, techniques for idea generation and execution, and methods for sustaining creative productivity and innovation.

Content-driven, Denise presents compelling information that leads to “ahas” — provoking attendees into making real, lasting changes in their thinking and with their habits for the better. She deftly interweaves authoritative data with vivid storytelling, and sparks change through participant interactivity, assigned action items, and follow-ups. Denise challenges herself to continually evolve her presentations with leading-edge research and new thoughts on creativity. Her opening keynotes set the stage for conferences, creating a context and space for inspired thinking, deep listening, and spirited conversations. Denise’s closing keynotes are famous for weaving together her ideas with insights from other speakers’ conference talks and workshops — providing attendees with an integrative conference experience and tangible, actionable takeaways. Ultimately, Denise inspires audiences not only to create more and better, but also to create Betterness.

“Let’s feed our creativity where it’s been hungry, encourage others around us to do so as well, and by doing so, push the contagion of creativity to ripple around the world, creating Betterness for all.”

— Denise Jacobs

Talks | Creativity and Innovation

These talks focus on the proven techniques, methods, and practices for getting creatively unstuck and structuring your mindset and time in order to become more creatively productive, generate and capture ideas, and leverage creative synergy with others. Talk titles include:

Talks | Women and Diversity, Career, and Motivation/Inspiration

These talks are designed to give people a jolt of inspiration, pushing them to take steps to start realizing their dreams and becoming more successful in business, career, and life. The tech industry and world needs a diversity of points of view, creativity, and ideas. The time is now. Talk topics include:

Find Denise’s bios, headshots, a sample speaking video, and pre-booking questionnaire, all available in a tidy package on Denise’s Press Kit page.

Selected Past Speaking Engagements

This is a selected list of events and organizations where Denise has spoken. Check out her speaking calendar page for the complete list of all past speaking engagements, as well as upcoming ones (Be sure to say Hi!).

  • Automattic
  • Media Evolution: The Conference
  • South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi)
  • BBC London
  • Google
  • UX Week
  • The Future of Storytelling
  • FastWeb.It
  • GitHub
  • TEDxRheinMain
  • Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity. (FITC) Conference (Toronto, Vancouver, Amsterdam)
  • User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) Conference
  • The Future of Web Design (London, New York)
  • Adobe Max
  • Young Women’s Leadership Symposium

Audience Love

Denise’s presentations resonate with audiences. Check out what people are saying:

“I’m on “wow” over here. Absolutely love your thinking on psych & practice of creativity. I shall adopt it all.”
Chris Jones | @sourcePOV |

“Brilliant, engaging and passionate. What more could you ask for?”
Ben MacGowan | @benmacgowan |

Gavin Elliot | @gavinelliot |

And yes, there is even more audience love to be had.

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