Web 205

Web 205 - Web Career Strategies

What this Class Covers

It is critical to learn strategies and techniques for finding out which skills are necessary for a particular position, where to look for jobs, and learning how to think generally about previously learned skills in order to apply them to new situations. These tools best prepare people transitioning into new career fields. This course will present various tools and skills needed to transition in to the web industry. Through exercises and assignments, students will hone their ability to structure thinking about launching their future web careers, to best present their sills, and to find appropriate positions.

The instructor will act as a mentor or a personal coach. The end goal of the class is to have as many job resources and industry contacts as possible. The in-class exercises are designed to help students clarify their own strengths and skills. The weekly assignments are designed to keep the students on track with achieving their goal of getting connected with people in the web industry, and also having all of their resources together to enter the workforce: a strong resume oriented toward web work (which incorporates their transferable skills), cover letter writing skills, and contacts within the industry.

Student Outcomes

After completing this course the students will:

  • Create a reserve of online job-related resources
  • Clarity on transferable skills, personal strengths, and web skills
  • Revise or create an industry-oriented resume
  • Write effective cover letters
  • Connect with or join a local professional web or internet group and/or discussion list
  • Contact individuals working in the field for informational interviews
  • Refine interviewing strategies
  • Practice interviewing skills and strategies through a mock interview


This is a third or fourth quarter class for students in the Web Design and Development programs. At the least, students should have completed WEB 105 and WEB 110.


There is no textbook for this course. We rely primarily on online resources.