Web 200 - Theory of Web Design

What this class covers

This course gives an overview of the basic principles and practices of professional web site design. Topics covered will be: site layout and organization, the readability of pages, access issues for a wide audience, the construction of hyperlinks, and the use of color, graphics and multimedia.

Student Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Understand how to build a solid navigational foundation for a web site
  • Develop the underlying structure of a site
  • Identify and provide for special access needs
  • Design pages which meet specific download time requirements
  • Create pages that are easy to read through the correct use of typography and background selection
  • Select appropriate graphics formats and understand the issues related to color
  • Make informed decisions pertaining to the selection and use of multimedia


Web 110 or Mic 151, and Web 114 - Photoshop for the Web.


None. Instead we will rely heavily upon web resources and written handouts.

Class Discussion List

There is a class discussion list on Yahoo.com that everyone will be subscribed to. The purpose of this list is to connect students virtually. If you have questions about the homework or links to cool sites and other resources to share, this is the perfect place to post it.

Group name: web200atSCCC
Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/web200atSCCC
Group email: web200atSCCC@yahoogroups.com