Web 120 - Web Authoring II

What this class covers

This course covers more advanced elements of Web page development and production. Topics include a complete review of basic to intermediate HTML and XHTML, page validation using doctypes, writing accessible web pages, cascading style sheets for text formatting and layout, javascript for image rollovers and drop-down menus, handling multimedia files, and environmental variables/server-side includes.

Student Outcomes

After completing this course the students will be able to:

  • Properly use doctypes
  • Write XHTML
  • Understand the difference between block-level and inline elements
  • Explain the difference between logical and physical styles
  • Create web sites that conform with Section 508 (ADA) accessibility standards
  • Describe functional differences in platforms and browsers
  • Create nested tables for complex designs
  • Create bookmarkable framesets and inline frames
  • Use server-side includes/environmental variables
  • Validate HTML pages and CSS documents
  • Create CSS for text formatting, create CSS for page layout
  • Embed multimedia files and applets
  • Create javascript mouseovers, open a new browser window using javascript


  • Familiarity with Windows operating system and basic knowledge of computers, the Windows interface and Web browsers
  • Students must know how to navigate on the WWW using URLs
  • Students must know how to use Windows Explorer to manage files
  • Students must know how to use FTP software
  • Students must know how to use a plain text editor
  • Completion of Web110 (or equivalent, based on instructor discretion)


There is no textbook for the course. Instead, we will be using current online articles and tutorials. Please see the individual assignment pages for links to relevant required reading.

Recommended, but not required books:

  • Special Edition Using HTML and XHTML, by Molly Holzschlag
    ISBN# 0789727315
  • HTML and XHTML: The Definitive Guide, 5th Edition; Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy

If you wish, you can order these online. Here are some good sites to try: http://www.amazon.com, http://www.halfprice.com, http://www.powells.com

Class Discussion List Information

There will be a class discussion list on Google.com that everyone will be subscribed to. The purpose of this list is to connect students virtually. If you have questions about the homework, this is the perfect place to post it. I will sign up all students myself at the beginning of the quarter. This is a private list and is not listed on yahoo groups.
Group name: web120atSCCC
Group home page: http://groups-beta.google.com/group/web120atSCCC
Group email: web120atSCCC@googlegroups.com