Web 110 - Web Authoring I

What this class covers

This course covers the mechanics of web page production starting with the absolute basics. Topics covered will include: document structure and hierarchy, text elements, list elements, links, tables, working with images, creating framesets and forms. Focus will be on creating HTML files "by hand" using a simple text editor, with emphasis placed on HTML validation and correct HTML 4.0 syntax.

A strong knowledge of HTML lays the foundation for a career in much of the web industry. This class will give even the least web-savvy student a solid basis of how to create web pages and websites. By having class labs devoted to exercises designed to immediately apply knowledge covered in class, students will gain an experiential understanding of web page production.

Student Outcomes

After completing this course the students will be able to:

  • Understand the structural elements of an HTML document
  • Have a solid working knowledge of basic HTML elements
  • Understand and use URLs
  • Create web pages and sites with text, images, tables, image maps, frames, and forms, as well as internal, external and e-mail hyperlinks
  • Upload and download HTML files between client and server computers
  • Design and create a small website on subject of choice
  • Use the web to find resources
  • Understand the importance of correct HTML syntax and document structure
  • Validate their work using online HTML validators
  • Understand the basics of mailing lists


Skills: Familiarity with Windows operating system, basic knowledge of the use of computers, the Windows interface, and internet browsers. Students should know how to navigate on the Internet using URLs, and how to use the Windows Explorer to manage (save, copy, delete, move, etc.) files, and work between multiple windows. No prior knowledge or experience in programming is required.

Courses: MIC 101, MIC 150 or equivalent.

NOTE: If you have taken or are taking MIC 151, you do not need to be in this class. They cover the same basic information.


Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and XHTML in 21 Days , (Third Edition), by Laura Lemay
ISBN: #0672325195

This textbook is available at the campus bookstore.
You can also order it online. Here are some good sites to try:
http://www.amazon.com, http://www.half.com, http://www.powells.com

Class Discussion List Information

There is a class discussion list on Yahoo.com that everyone will be subscribed to. The purpose of this list is to connect students virtually. If you have questions about the homework, this is the place to post it. I will sign up all students to the discussion list at the beginning of the quarter.
Group name: web110atSCCC
Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/web110atSCCC/
Group email: web110atSCCC@yahoogroups.com