Mic 298 - Web Design Independent Study

What this class covers

This independent study course is designed for students to have the practical experience of designing, building, and maintaining a real website.

The course is structured around weekly meetings to share information and resources, group problem-solving and brainstorming, and further sharing of resources through email.

Student Outcomes

During the course of this class, the students will be expected to:

  • Find one online user group to join to use as a resource for finding information and networking.
  • Find a website to build for an organization or business
  • Work with a client who will provide specifications of the structure and function of the website
  • Flesh out the scope of the project
  • Research and learn any new technologies that need to be applied to the site
  • Lead an initial usability run of the site and use that information to make improvements
  • Give weekly reports of progress to both client and instructor
  • Assemble a group of testers and test final site
  • Research domain-name registration and hosting services
  • Post site to a live web server

After completing this course the students will be able to do all of the above, and have a semi-professional website and URL to add to their resumes.


This is a 3rd or 4th quarter course in the Web Design program. The students will need to have taken Web 110, Web 105, Web 120, Web 210, and Project Management.


There is no textbook for the course. The work and learning is largely self-directed by the student.