Mic 102x - Windows Survival Skills

Course Description

This course provides the student with a brief introduction to how to use MS Windows computers. Topics to be covered include: an overview of windows, file management, customizing your desktop, and an introduction to Microsoft Word.


No prior knowledge or experience with computers is required.

Student Outcomes

After completing this course the students will be able to:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts in programs
  • Understand both the Windows and Windows Explorer interfaces
  • Save files to different locations, including the O:/ drive
  • Change settings on the computer
  • Create program shortcuts


There is no textbook for this course. Materials will be presented in class, and may be supplemented with handouts and web resources.

Course Schedule

(please note that this schedule is preliminary, and may change)

Day Topic/Discussion


Introduction to class

Windows intro

Turning on/off the computer

Mousing, cursors/pointers

  • Selecting, clicking, double-clicking, right-clicking, click and drag,

Parts of the computer screen (desktop, icons, bars)

Icon identification and file extensions

Getting stuff done:

  • blue bar, gray bar, start menu, tool bars, menu bars

Multiple Windows, moving between them

  • resizing, minimizing, closing windows
  • active v. non-active windows

Keyboard orientation: familiarity and shortcuts

Windows navigation - Windows v. Windows Explorer

Three ways (at least) to do things: cut/paste/copy/etc.



Windows intro (cont’d.)

What are all of those drives?

File and Folder/Directory Management

Using Applications

Launching/opening applications

Closing applications

File menus in applications

Keyboard familiarity and shortcuts


Using Applications

Launching/opening applications

File menus in applications

Opening files through applications

Closing applications

Dialog boxes

File saving and management

“Save” v. “Save As”

Finding files

Kinds of files applications can open & file extensions

Printing here at SCC

Intro to Word

Text formatting


Changing fonts



Changing computer settings



Campus Computer Network basics


Logging on to the O:/ drive

Logging on to e-mail

Assignments to do in class and at home (please see page 4) -- Due: 20 May 2004



  • Use Microsoft Word to type up your answers. Save your file and give me a printout on the due date, OR if you are not going to be in class, leave it in my mailbox in room 3166, OR send as an email attachment to djacobs@sccd.ctc.edu.
  • Answer the questions using your notes, and also by trying to do the task on the computer (this will help your memory).
  • For full credit, you must answer all parts of the question.
  • Please leave the question with the points amounts, and then type your answer below it.
  • Don't be afraid to explore!
  • Have fun with all of your new knowledge!
  • The assignments are due by the end of class, Thursday 20 May 2004.
  1. What are the different parts or areas of a window? Name at least 4 different areas. (4 points)
  2. What are each of the drives A:/, C:/, D:/, E:/ and O:/ are used for on the computers here at SCCC? (5 points)
  3. What is the difference between clicking, double-clicking and right-clicking? How can you select an item? How can you change the text of an icon? (5 points)
  4. How do you “launch” (or open) applications like Word or Internet Explorer? In how many places can you have icons that will open applications? List three places. (4 points)
  5. How do you save a file? What is the difference between "save" and "save as"? Write down the steps for saving a file to both your computer and to your floppy disk. (12 points)
  6. How do you create "wallpaper" for your computer? If you want to change the image or the way the image shows up, how can you do that? (name two different ways). (12 points)
  7. What is a shortcut? How do you create a shortcut for an application? Where can you put the shortcut once you have made it? (4 points)
  8. What is the difference between using the "backspace" button and the "delete" button? (2 points)
  9. What do the underlined letters mean in the menus of applications? What do they do, and how do they work? (4 points)
  10. Name 8 keyboard shortcuts that you think you will use the most. (8 points)

The sum of the assignments is 60 points.

Requirements of Submitting Assignments:

  • Type your name in the top-right corner of the top sheet.
  • All assignments must be typed up in Word or Wordpad.

Grade Scale:


40 points (4 @ 10 points each)


60 points total


100 points (100%)