Mic 102i - Computer Lab Survival Skills

What this course covers

This course provides the student with a brief introduction to how to use the computer facilities at the computer lab. Topics to be covered include an overview of computer lab procedures, choosing the correct printer, learning to use email, basic Windows features, and an introduction to Microsoft Windows, Excel, Internet browsers (IE and Netscape).

Student Outcomes

After completing this course the students will be able to:

  • Save files to different locations, including the O:/ drive
  • Using the H:/ drive to access instructor info.
  • Using SCCD website to find information
  • Use keyboard shortcuts in programs
  • Understand both the Windows and Windows Explorer interfaces
  • Save pictures/images from the internet
  • Create, save, and manipulate documents with Microsoft Word
  • Create, save, and manipulate documents with Microsoft Excel
  • Surf the internet using either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator


Students are expected have basic knowledge of the use of computers. No prior knowledge or experience in programming is required.


There is no textbook for this course. Materials will be presented in class, and may be supplemented with handouts and web resources.

Course Calendar and Assignments

Please note that this schedule may change.

Day Topic/Discussion Assignments


Introduction to class

Windows intro

Windows navigation - click and drag, blue bar, gray bar, start menu, tool bars, menu bars, cut/paste/copy/etc.

What are all of those drives?

Selecting, clicking, double-clicking

Launching/opening applications

File menus in applications

Closing applications

File saving and management

Keyboard shortcuts

Finding files


Computer Center basics


Logging on to the O:/ drive

Logging on to e-mail


Using Word

Creating files

Saving files

1) In Word or Notepad, write three paragraphs:

a. explain what the different parts of a window are

b. explain the difference between using Windows and Windows Explorer, and

c. explain what the drives A:/, C:/, D:/, and O:/

2) Write a paragraph on how to print from the computers here at school. What do you do if the computer gives you a box that says "print to file"?




Using Word (contd.)

Formatting text - bold, italic, underline; alignment - left/right/center/justify

Changing margins

Different file views

Print preview


Inserting images

Creating bulleted lists

Creating tables

Changing spacing

Changing fonts and sizes

Spell check

Search and replace

3) Write a bio about yourself, including where you are from, why you are in school now, and what you are studying. Make sure you use bold, italic, and you have at least 2 kinds of alignment.

4) Add a bulleted list of the classes you are taking now.

5) Add a table with the keyboard shortcuts that we talked about in the previous class.

(Make sure you spell-check the doc.)


Using Excel

Creating files

Saving files

Adding columns, rows

Formatting columns, rows

Formatting text

Changing margins


Pasting information into spreadsheets

Sorting information

Creating formulas

6) Make a spreadsheet of the assignments for this class. You must have at least three columns.

7) Create a formula so that you can add up the points for the homework you hand in.






Using Internet Browsers

IE or NS? Which is better?

Connecting to the internet

Searching on the web -- search tips

Web-based email

Saving pictures from the web

Final quiz!

8) Do an internet search on "windows tips". List the three most interesting sites you found, and describe how you will use these sites.

9) Send an email to djacobs@sccd.ctc.edu with this document as both an attachment and as the text in the body of the email.

10) Final quiz

Submitting Assignments

  • Staple all assignments together for each week in the order of assignments listed above (except for assignments #8 and #9)
  • Write your name in the top-right corner of the top sheet
  • Each assignment should have the assignment name in the top left corner of the first sheet.
  • Any assignment that fails these requirements will not be accepted.

Grade evaluation:

Assignments and Projects

10 points each

Final Quiz

10 points


100 points