Itc 161w

Itc 161w - Supporting MS Word

What this class covers

This course is designed to provide a solid foundation in using and supporting Microsoft Word, as well as a thorough knowledge of Microsoft Word required to support and train others in its use. It also provides preparation for the Microsoft Office User Specialist Exam in Word XP. (Both core and expert levels, though only the core level is required for a 4.0 grade).

The class will involve some lectures, but it focuses primarily on hands-on experience with the software and with the presenting various aspects of Word to the rest of the class.

Student Outcomes

After completing this course the students will:

  • Insert and modify text
  • Create and modify paragraphs
  • Format documents
  • Managing documents
  • Work with graphics
  • Collaborate on documents
  • Create and customize tables
  • Create templates and forms
  • Create mail merges and labels
  • Customize word
  • Present information effectively orally and in writing
  • Work with others to accomplish a given task
  • Appreciate diversity in the workplace and in the classroom


MIC 101 or familiarity with Windows and Microsoft Office.


Step by Step Microsoft Word Version 2002 , Microsoft Press