The CSS Detective Guide

The CSS Detective Guide is a book on web development using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control the presentation and layout of your web pages. If you are novice, or even intermediate web designer/developer, you've probably had the experience of thinking your CSS was perfect -- up until the moment you test your pages in different browsers.

The CSS Detective Guide is designed to give the inside scoop on the basics of CSS with a special emphasis on common causes of problems, and methods for isolating issues to find the roots of your coding problems. You'll also get a look at the line-up of usual suspects: the common problems and persistent bugs that are often encountered in CSS. Finally, you'll put the tools to the test with hands-on cases designed to teach you how to solve CSS problems of your own.

Take a Sneak Peek has published a couple of the chapters for people to get a taste of what's inside the book. If you are curious, you can check out The Introduction and Chapter 1, Investigating the Scene of the Crime as well as Chapter 5, The Case of the Devilish Details.

Still need convincing? Read the reviews on If you are learning CSS, you should definitely check out the book -- it may be exactly the information that you've been looking for to help take you to the next CSS level.

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