CSS3: Ripe and Responsive at ConvergeSE

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I’m in love. Seriously! I’m in love with the ConvergeSE Conference that just happened in Columbia, SC last weekend. Why? It was a GREAT conference! There were fantastic presentations from Trent Walton, Chris Coyier, Christian Heilmann, and Ethan Marcotte on the nitty-gritty of CSS3 typography, CSS3 Selectors, HTML5 and Responsive Design, respectively. Leslie Jensen-Inman rocked […]

Offload and Outsource It (so you can be more awesome)

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Offload and Outsource It (so you can be more awesome)

As creatives (and often independents) in an ever-changing field, we end up doing a lot of work and having to wear quite a few hats. Here are some tips for offloading the stuff you don’t like, or, “How to be Awesome in 4 Easy Steps”.

Nominated for .Net Magazine’s 2010 Standards Champion!

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Oh my goodness! I just found out that I was nominated for “Standards Champion” by the .net magazine 2010 Best of the Web Awards. What an honor! I have the honor of being grouped with the wonderful people below, almost all of whom have inspired me and my work in some way during my career […]