Cooking: I come by it honestly…

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I was going through my photos on my computer, and I found this one: Making breakfast, 1976 Originally uploaded by Bnita-Denise. First of all, what a muffin I was! I mean, really – check me out, working that babuschka scarf. I was fashion-forward even then. Second of all, for anyone who wonders at the origins […]

Business card-less in Miami

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I must admit to a love-hate relationship with business cards….

Chocolate Pudding

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Chocolate Pudding (vegan, raw) Originally uploaded by Bnita-Denise. Okay, due to popular demand (or at least one request), I am posting the recipe for my chocolate pudding. Now, for alla y’all dairy-tolerant folks (which approximately only 25% of the world’s adult population, whether you know it or not, according to wikipedia), don’t get all uppity […]

“I couldn’t sleep at all last night!”

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Whatever was the initial spark, I have spent much of the early morning trying to keep up with the flow of ideas that seem endless at this point.