On Banishing Your Inner Critic

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On Banishing Your Inner Critic

I don’t know about you, but I have a very loud, insistent, and mean roommate. Sometimes he’s quiet and well-behaved, and we maintain an amicable truce. Other times – most often when I am trying to produce something brilliant – he’s raucous and destructive, yelling demoralizing epithets at me and keeping me from doing the […]

The Age of Responsive Design on DesignFestival.com

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When Lisa Lang formerly of Sitepoint.com (but now of Smashing Magazine) asked me to do a podcast screencast for DesignFestival.com, naturally I said “yes!”, as I love all of the great content that comes from Sitepoint and its related sites. With the latest movement towards Responsive Web Design, developed by Ethan Marcotte, and also based […]

On-Demand Inspiration at Interlink Conference

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I’m into creativity these days. I’m fascinated by the creative process and all of its facets: the flow state that one falls into when working on bringing an idea out of the ether and onto the page/canvas/screen/floor/table, the sudden epiphanies that one gets in the shower or while falling asleep, the frustration that one feels […]