On-Demand Inspiration at Interlink Conference

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I’m into creativity these days. I’m fascinated by the creative process and all of its facets: the flow state that one falls into when working on bringing an idea out of the ether and onto the page/canvas/screen/floor/table, the sudden epiphanies that one gets in the shower or while falling asleep, the frustration that one feels when the idea is there but just tantalizingly out of reach. I’m thrilled by the burst of energy that accompanies the accomplishment of overcoming the challenges of making an idea tangible, the sense of empowerment that bubbles up after an act of creative expression.

The whole process intrigues me to no end, so I have delved into finding out about many aspects of creativity, but especially what I consider to be the beginning of creating anything: inspiration.

I’ve found out some great tips and ideas on how to tap into creative inspiration when you want and need it, and put it all together in a presentation, which I unveiled in June at Interlink Conference in Vancouver, BC.

The name of the presentation? “On-Demand Inspiration”. Watch the video, check out the slides, or get it all in one fell foop on the Interlink Conference Blog.

Denise Jacobs Interlink 2011 Presentation from Shawn Johnston on Vimeo.

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