Presentation at LaidOffCamp Miami

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Ideas take a while to marinate, simmer, and then come out fully cooked. After a lively conversation with Daniel Burka at FOWA earlier this year, I have had the idea for a presentation about the practical outcomes of following your passion (and what happens when you don’t). Based on my own experiences, I have found that not listening to your inner voice and doing “what you are supposed to do” has actually been detrimental to my career. Instead of keeping me safe with a “good” job with “good money” (one of my biggest pet peeves of phrases), working jobs that I was not passionate about kept me small, disguntled, and actually chipped away at my belief in myself and my capacities.

When I saw a tweet from Rick Tuttle (@RickTuttle) that LaidOffCamp Miami was looking for presenters, I knew that is was time to take that presentation idea out of the oven of my head and set it on the table in front of a potentially hungry audience. Edwin (@TheRealEdwin) fortuitously videoed the presentation (in two parts), and also wrote a nice recap of the event. Take a gander so that you can get fired up about all of the possibilities that exist for you in the world too.

If you can dream it, you can live it.

video – part 1

video – part 2


Do What You Love (or your work life will totally suck)

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