Finally – Leaving the cold and heading South!

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Finally!! It was balmy driving from Pennsylvania to New York on Thursday — I think the temperature was at or near 60 degrees. It was beautiful and sunny — unseasonably warm, but very pleasant, given that is was the middle of January. Well, the party was over by Saturday: it started out raining for the whole day, but then the temperature plummeted. By the next day, there was a layer of ice and snow over everything.

Jess, Marc, and I went for pho yesterday for lunch, and walking the 2 blocks from the T station to the restaurant was *painful*. Today is a little better, but not much, but what do I care? By Saturday, I will be in Ft. Lauderdale to pick up my friend Andy at the airport and spend my first two days in Florida bopping around and having a great time with a dear, dear friend. It is one of the best welcomes that I can think of having there.

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  1. Carl
    January 28, 2006

    I’m glad to hear your trip is still swimming along. I hope you’ll be able to find a good temporary living situation, so you can “park” for a while and get a feel for the neighborhoods and real estate options (even if you rent, there are various ways to do that, right?).

    I hear South Beach is pretty trendy. I’m curious to get your impression.

    As for me, I’m about to leave Chicago this a.m. (5:30 CST). I’ve been here with Dad, Leslie (did you ever meet his second wife?) and my two half brothers, John Jr. and Jan (both are now in their 50’s; I first met Jan Coulter when I was about 19). We just buried Dad’s uncle Marion, who passed away at 99. Nice to see someone life a long, honorable life and truly die of, as they say, natural causes. He didn’t have any acute illness; his body just gradually shut down.

    We’ll return to Ann Arbor, and then Mom will pick me up and I’ll spend Saturday and 1/2 of Sunday with her and Grandma/Grandpa (you don’t still call him Lowe, right?).

    Nice sharing. Take care!


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