Reignite your team’s creative spark, inspire innovation, and cultivate collaboration

As a Creativity Evangelist, I’m happy to report from the front lines of the Creativity (R)Evolution that companies recognize their future success is dependent on creativity and innovation, both hailed as the most important contributors to the growth of the economy. I’ve teamed up with Jessie Shternshus of The Improv Effect, who is known for her game-changing communication skills workshops, to help organizations to transform how they work.

Meet my latest brainchild: A Creativity + Innovation Collective called The Creative Dose.

THE CREATIVE DOSE  | A Creativity + Innovation Collective

Discover our leading-edge approach to creative inspiration and thinking, idea generation and execution, effective communication, and sustainable productivity — neuroscience driven, fueled by applied improvisation.

Jesse and I are both speakers and trainers who work with companies and conferences worldwide. Compelling, content-driven, and experiential, our presentations provoke real change — in participants’ thinking, habits, and behavior for the better. We deftly interweave authoritative data with vivid storytelling, integrating the latest in neuroscience with brain hacks, and sparking change with participant interactivity, action items, and follow-ups.

The Creative Dose team gives an infusion of inspiration and injections of fresh approaches to creative thinking and ideation, processes to bust through creativity and innovation blocks, techniques for individual and team idea generation and execution, and methods for sustaining creative productivity and upleveling innovation. Ultimately, we want to inspire individuals and teams not only to work better, and produce more, but also to create Betterness.

Work With Us

The Creative Dose team is available and at the ready for workshops, consulting, training, keynotes/playnotes/speaking, and coaching.

Isn’t it time you reignite your team’s creative spark, inspire innovation, and cultivate collaboration? Find out how.