Rawk the Web: It’s All About Diversity

The tech world has been my tribe for 17 years. Because I speak and conduct creativity workshops at techconferences (primarily software development, web design, and development)  and companies all over the world, I can tell you firsthand what you probably already know: amongst visible tech experts, there’s a huge lack of diversity. And as a Creativity Evangelist, I know that diversity drives innovation.

While some conferences support a proactive diversity policy, the common lament industry-wide is the pool of candidates isn’t large enough to draw from. The challenge is a problem of visibility. Diverse experts, aspiring speakers and authors, and newly minted entrepreneurs do exist — they just may not be making themselves widely known.

To counter this, I founded Rawk the Web to help more women and people of color amplify their visibility and become known industry experts. Rawk the Web provides resources (and inspiration) for becoming speakers, thought leaders, published writers, and company founders. Through letting out our inner rawkstar, we’ll change the face of the tech industry — for the better.

It’s time for you to Rawk the Web! Find out how.