The Creativity (R)Evolution: Creavity + Intention = Transformation

All around me I see intelligent, creative people who, like me, want to re-imagine and re-make our professional and personal lives for the better. We want to make work infused with meaning and make a difference in the world.

Naturally I’m biased, but I believe that the answer lies in nurturing and expressing our creative spark. I believe that creativity can turn challenges into catalysts. I believe that together we can use our collective creative energy spark positive change.

This is why I founded the Creativity (R)Evolution: to cause a groundswell that encourages people to cultivate, maintain, and spread the creative spark through our communities and the world, in order not just to make the world better, but to also create Betterness.

Want to see that too? Join us! Together we can instigate a Creativity (R)Evolution.